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Marc Kaye
Author, Comedian, Songwriter, Actor, Dad


About Me


You might say I'm a "Jack of all trades, master of none" except my name is Marc and my trades really won't help you out if your pipe springs a leak or we get lost in the forest. So, scratch that - maybe "restless creative type" is better.


I have been writing - scripts, essays, articles and songs - since I was a kid and have spent the better part of the past decade finding my voice - both professionally and personally.


As a stand-up comedian, I have been fortunate enough to travel to perform around the country and as an author and singer/songwriter, I am grateful for all the great opportunities I have had to perform, act and get published.


I am a global marketing professional by day, creative seeker by night and dad to two great kids full-time - which provides great fodder, both comedic and otherwise, for all my endeavors.

I am also the founder of Eliro ( a company that combines the discipline of marketing and the creativity of humor and improv to help train, develop content and drive strategic planning in a new, more effective way.

Thanks again for stopping by and I hope to hear from you soon,


Rusty Brick Wall

The Characters of Marc Kaye


I love writing and getting to make people laugh! I have been a regular on the comedy circuit and get to connect with people through stories of growing up differently, navigating fatherhood, marriage…then divorce… getting older, strange looks while traveling and even stranger thoughts when not distracted! 

To me, performing stand-up is only part of what makes a great event. The stories that connect us as human beings (often at my expense) make the laughs bigger, the feelings greater and the memories last longer. In a world with plenty to stress us out, it's a privilege to share an experience with an audience - no matter how small or large - that, even for a moment, makes us realize we're all figuring this out together.


Below is just a sample of my comedy style so you can get a flavor for who I am and what I talk about.  I would be honored to perform at your club or event.

Thanks again,



The Comedy of Marc Kaye



"Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything."


- Plato

Perhaps above all else, my songwriting is the area I feel most vulnerable about. Whereas I can use comedy to touch on uncomfortable situations in a funny way, my music and lyrics hide nothing.

It's a tool that I have used since I started writing at age 13. "On the Side" is a rough compilation of just vocals and piano from which I will be focused on recording a studio release in 2021. There is a lot I am working on to improve vocals and arrangements but I am making it available in an effort to be more open with my music and overall creative endeavors.

Thanks for taking a listen, Marc


Marc Kaye 


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