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“Why I remember the events that I do will always remain a mystery. The only plausible reason I can muster is that it asks of me to find what I couldn’t when the experience was happening – a sort of rationale and dignity in the awkwardness.” – Marc Kaye


Some people navigate the world with aplomb and poise. Others take a more circuitous route. In “A is for Awkward: and Other Reflections on Belonging”, Kaye summons a renewed perspective and healthier relationship with the idea of belonging – one where, through his reflections, he connects to people, place, setting and emotion with an affinity that may not originally apparent. In doing so, awkwardness becomes a portal to understanding, not to mention a series of humorous encounters.


From his earliest days as a newborn in Germany through a brace-filled adolescence and onto navigating sludge, fatherhood and aging, Kaye delicately blends wit and sentiment to better understand himself and the world he is a part of. In doing so, we find ourselves a part of his story and our compassion for ourselves, as well.

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