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You Sunk My Battleship!


My kids love to play games, my daughter especially. It’s become a bit of a ritual that, if there is time before bed, we will play Sorry, or Simon, or Clue or even cards. It only occurs a couple times a week if we’re lucky but it’s always fun.

It’s getting, however, where my son is more interested in Skyping with his friends and he is almost 14 so I have to remember what it was like when I was that age. Playing a game with the family versus retreating into a world of peers just doesn’t hold as much attraction as it once did. I do catch my kids playing together still. I can’t figure out how they got along so well during the entire winter break and then as soon as school starts up again, I find myself in referee mode.

I did end up playing my 30+ year old version of Battleship with my daughter. It was such a blast. I have severe antibodies to cell phones, so much so that it was a cause of much unneeded angst last night. I finally gave in, realizing that this is their medium of choice. They do things on it besides text but it was clear tonight, while playing Battleship, exactly why I have such issues with these smart phones and our kids. There is virtually zero interaction with anyone in a real face to face way. While playing a board game, eating dinner, even watching TV together – we can talk, laugh, even debate. The cell phone has given away to meaningful interaction, in my opinion, and this is a battle I will not win.

Galaxy, Droid, iPhone, iPad – you win – You Sunk My Battleship.

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