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Where Should I Live?

It's hard to remove but it can be done!

It’s hard to remove but it can be done!

My house is for sale. There’s not much progress on this front and nor do I expect there to be at this time of the year. I am anxious for it to sell for many reasons, including the opportunity to reside somewhere that feels unknown to me and have something that feels new to me without a memory captured within every corner and around every bend.

I have to stay in the same town because I do not want my kids to have to move schools especially since they have good friends here and feel comfortable where they are. It’s temporary for me, though. I have lived here a while and in 5 short years, when my youngest is deciding on where she is going to go to college, I am going to be deciding where I should live.

I hope that I have the means to choose. The way things seem to be going, it’s tough right now. However, I do feel like this is a temporary situation and once I get over the hump, it won’t take long to build things back up again in many different capacities. My plan has been to move closer to NYC, if not in NYC. For those who know me, this makes a lot of sense and there’s not much explaining needed.

I am realizing, though, that wherever I live, just as wherever I work, the people who I am surrounded by are the most critical factor. I have always said that I could have a job making widgets and I could find happiness as long as I am working with some good, decent people. I can have the “job of my dreams” and not have one person around me with whom I trust, and I would be miserable. I have been in both of these situations at least once in my life. 

The same goes for my living situation. I live in a town that, while it has a lot going for it, it is not the exact type of community I think I can thrive in. For a long time, I assumed that an urban environment was the only place that I could really get that type of experience. In speaking with people and visiting other towns, I know that to not be true, (though I really still want a place in the city and a place near the ocean if I had my druthers – whatever druthers are!).

I do know that simply physically moving oneself to new friends, new jobs, new locations does not change a damn thing – not in the long run. You always bring yourself with you. Whether you decide to get up in the morning and start fresh or dwell in the past has nothing to do with where you move to, but does have everything to do with how you live.

It reminds me of that Crowded House song from the 80’s – “Weather with You”; (there I go again with my 80s music references – I really need help):

“Well, do I lie like a loungeroom lizard

 Or do I sing like a bird released?

 Everywhere you go, always take the weather with you”.

I still want to move but wherever I do, I want to make sure the emphasis is on where I “live”, not just where I “move”.

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