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TOP TEN TOP TEN COMEDY LISTS (or What I did on my summer vacation)


Because nothing says “I can’t think of anything to write” more than a Top 10 list.

It is raining (again) here in the Northeast of these great (ok, let’s downgrade that to these “hangin’ in there”) United States of America. 

Not sure why but seems like the perfect setting for a Top 10 List. The first that comes to mind is “Top 10 Commercials for Depression Medication” but I like to keep my expectations to a dull roar – you know, under -promise and over deliver. Or, in my case: under-promise and see what happens.

So, without further adieu (or ado…or a dew), from the archives of me, or as some say it “from my archives” which I think just sounds too grammatically correct, here are THE TOP 10 TOP 10 COMEDY LISTS.

1. TOP TEN Funniest Stand-Up Comedians (AKA “TOP TEN funniest stand-up comedians that appeared on the 1st page of an older Google search, followed by the next 190 funniest)

2. TOP TEN Funniest You Tube Comedians ( who are more than welcome to look me up and give me a chance)

3. TOP TEN Mistakes New Comics Made (#11 was reading Top Ten Lists)

4. TOP TEN Tips for Becoming a Successful Comedy Actor (clearly, I should have waited on that  boob job)

5. TOP TEN Tips for Comedy Writers (I’m more of a comedy typer, myself)

6. TOP 10 Essential Comedians (NOTE: these are not “best”, but “essential” for the way they marketed themselves (see my previous blog in a shameless cross-plug of my own blog)

7. TOP TEN Tips for Your Comedy Open Mic (two words: clean underwear)

8. TOP TEN Tips for Being a Great Comedy Show Host (can you say “brand new car giveaway?”)

9. TOP TEN Ways to Increase your Facebook Fans (AKA “How to take your procrastination and time suck to the next level”)

10. TOP TEN Considerations for Writing for a Late Night Show (note: there are 11 but 11 is the new 10 so get over it)

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