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This is the First Fourth of July for the Rest of Your Life!


Wow. That’s pretty deep.

I like the 4th of July. It’s like Thanksgiving – it usually amounts to  relaxing with friends and family, good food and drink and all without the pressure of guessing what type of gift to buy for someone or several someones.

It is not surprising that the meaning of the 4th often gets dismissed, as it does for so many other holidays but given the political unrest in Egypt, not to mention so many other nations who are, themselves, trying to break free from older, entrenched repressive governments, it really is worth taking a step back to reflect and celebrate.

This seems pretty deep for a “comedy” blog but when you consider the freedom that we have in this country to literally say whatever we want or feel and at the worst, find ourselves in a war of words only – it is pretty amazing.

I am a clean comic. That’s my choice. I gravitate to smart, funny humor. That doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate the comedy of many on the circuit today who stretch boundaries and find a way to hold up an uncomfortable mirror to our collective egos. Louis CK is one of my favorites. Louis CK could not do what he does in many countries -at least not the way in which he does it.

When I read posts or hear other comics complaining about fellow comedians who “are selling out” or “not pushing boundaries”, it drives me crazy. That’s their choice – no more or no less grounded in a “right path” than any other choice. We are not conducting brain surgery here. We’re not saving anybody’s life. I believe that shows like The Daily Show or Politically Incorrect can serve as a guidepost for providing a way to showcase the utter ridiculousness of our political system. That’s a good thing. I also think Jim Gaffigan and Ellen DeGeneres provide entertainment to those of us who can laugh at our own ridiculousness, too.

To me, it doesn’t really matter – we have the freedom to choose and not get our tongue cut from our mouth. Yes – even in the 21st century, not all in this world can claim the same. That’s a big deal. So Happy Independence day to all those creative types out there – wherever you reside. today is the First Fourth of July of the rest of your life.

And in case you’re looking for a few more minutes of mindless procrastination while nursing that beer with your vegan burger (I really, really hope NOT)…here’s my take on “The Perfect Barbecue.”

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