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The Truth about Caitlyn, Transitions & Comedy


There’s been a ton of press about Bruce Jenner’s transition to Caitlyn Jenner. Too much press.

I don’t really care which side of this you might reside on. I can’t understand it the same way I can’t understand what it’s like to be a reality TV star or an Olympian. To me, it’s not part of my experience. For me to make fun of it sort of just reflects back on me the way I see it. Making fun of something and finding humor are two different things.

To go to those lengths that people like Caitlyn must really reflect an internal struggle that could no longer be sustained. To me, that represents severe pain and who am I, or anyone, for that matter to get all self righteous about it? Something tells me though, that even Caitlyn has found some of the humor in it. I only say that after watching his interview with Diane Sawyer, which seems to me a painful exercise in and of itself.

It’s been enlightening, to say the least, to read the very predictable comments that people have to say. What is interesting, however, is the slew of positive support that has been pointed in Caitlyn’s direction. Anyone who has come out – for anything – gay, lesbian, transexual, agnostic, divorced – faces a fear that they will not be accepted and then….miraculously feels freed.

There have been plenty of graduation speeches and essays written about living your true, authentic self. I don’t think most of us really do this. I know I don’t. I am trying more and more each day. This is what has drawn me so much to comedy. There are very few “pretender” comedians. In fact, some comics take upon themselves to be so “authentic” that it can fall in the category of “TMI”.

Getting to a place of no fear and true authenticity – that is the greatest transition of all.

I don’t know Caitlyn Jenner. I don’t have the right to comment on her struggle one way or the other. I do know, though, that if she could kill at an open mic night – that’s all that would really matter to me.

What’s your transition? Until next time, Marc

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