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The Rat Tickler


Well between the title and this picture, hopefully it got you into the store. Now, maybe you’ll browse around.

So, it turns out that laughter is the one true universal language – regardless of country, language spoken, upbringing – it sounds the same, it’s triggered by the same things and it has a social aspect to it.

I was at a conference recently that was awesome for my inner geek. There was a lecturer who spoke about the neurobiology of laughter and our just beginning to understand the brain by looking at laughter since it shares similar processes etc among all people and even some animals. Supposedly, you can tickle a rat and as you’ll hear from the video below – what a job that would be!

I think the thing that is so cool about this is that there is a such a strong social component, as you’ll hear and even if you see others laughing but don’t know why, there’s a really good chance you will join along – having real potential implications for health. Why not bring comedy into the places that need it most like nursing homes and hospitals. I really believe that laughter, like music, triggers good chemicals in the brain that are healing in nature.

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