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The Pope of Comedy


The mind works in mysterious ways. See if you can follow me.

Pope retires.

Pope of Greenwich Village (movie).

Comedy in the village.

What if the Pope was quitting to be a stand-up comedian?

I know – sort of far fetched but…what if?

Humor is such a poignant delivery vehicle for getting a message across. It can be raw, direct, thought provoking and memorable. What better way to deliver a message to the masses than a tight 5 minutes in front of a mic and post it on YouTube for all to see?

To the next Pope – think about it. Here are some starters:

“I have seen the Gods of many religions and let’s face it, Jesus, by far, had the best hair. That’s all I’m saying.”

“If Jesus could turn water into wine, imagine what he could do for the bottled water industry.”

I’d consider a switch.

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