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The Meaning of Living


Today I was honored to perform and host an event in Philadelphia for about 300 people called The No Brainer Benefit. It was amazing. I was really nervous because logistically, people were all over the place – inside getting food, looking at auction items, speaking with each other, outside trying to hear – you name it. Very quickly, I realized this was not about me at all. It was so affirming. These are people who had brain cancer, survived brain cancer, lost loved ones at ridiculously early ages from brain cancer and they couldn’t stop smiling and hugging each other. It was amazing. It was really what it felt like to be surrounded by warm, loving, good people. Good people. I can’t repeat that enough – good people – the sort of people that measure not by the car you drive, the clothes you wear or how organic your food is but simply by the life you live and the love you give.

I have been thinking about my last few years and putting my creative side into overdrive – writing, music, stand-up. I have often joked it was my mid-life crisis but today I realized it was my mid-life (or maybe not – who knows how long we really have) revival. These were people who often had no idea how much time is left but it’s not how long they have but how they live. I wanted to really know these people so much more. It was a real turning point for me. I felt great leaving there and being part of it and from a professional perspective it was fantastic, too. 

I want to continue living more. It’s a no brainer.

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