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The Business of You


A friend of mine sent me an article he recently saw on LinkedIn. Granted, it was geared toward being an authentic leader in the business world. I tweeted the article and it’s worth a read.

The thing for me is that these are guiding principals we should all be trying to abide by to just be a decent human being. I think sometimes people get confused between being liked, being respected and being trusted. I think you can’t be respected if you’re not trustworthy and if you don’t have those two, who cares if you’re liked? You may get to where you want to go but it’s going to be paved with the corpses of people you screwed over to get there.

Which brings me to comedy. Look – my eyes are wide open. I’m one step removed from featuring at Denny’s on a Tuesday night competing with the 4 o’clock special. The truth is though, that I have met some really smart, funny, saavy and helpful people who help make sense of this twisted world.

These people may be in the minority – I don’t know – but they’re out there and they exist. I believe in the triangle (the one above- not the main competitor of the cowbell) and think it’s worth asking ourselves how many of those we really embrace in our lives. We are our business, after all.

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