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Thanks to the Comedy Community


Today I got to officially “launch” my website, Last year, I decided that I wanted one place where I could start to collect all the things I am working on and direct people to. We’ll see how it works out. I owe a thanks to a lot of people – Cori Healey designed the site for me and was very patient through my requests and my comedy friends especially, have been encouraging to me with all the newest endeavors I have been involved in – people like Joan Weisblatt and LaTice, Chris Coccia, Chip Chantry, Chris Rich. There are people who have kept me sane and there was nothing in it for them – like Mike Eagan and Karen Faye. People who keep giving me chances, too, like Norm Klar, Byron Druss, Bobby Zee. I am sure I have missed people and I really do appreciate it.

I hope people will eventually read – read this blog, read the site, read posting, read anything and comment, engage – that’s the power of social media. We are so fortunate to live in these times if we choose to use this for positive. OK – I just used the neti-pot and I think some of those brain eating amoebae are starting to do their thing.

Check it out when you get a chance (the site, not the amoebae):


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