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Marc’s “Considerations for 2019 if You Want To – Really, It’s Up To You – This Isn

2018-2019 #2

There are a lot of “wrap-up” reviews or “10 things you can do in the New year” type of lists so I am not going to pretend like I have anything more to add that might be valuable to anyone.

However, as a final post for 2018, I thought I would write 10 super easy things to consider in the New Year that might not change the world but maybe, in some small way, will help you feel better.

So here they are -Marc’s “Considerations for 2019 if You Want To – Really, It’s Up To You – This Isn’t a Pressure Type of Thing” List:

  1. Listen to the Waking Up Podcast with Sam Harris. – I believe the name of the podcast is going to change soon but he is seriously one of the most intelligent people around and always makes a logical argument with guests for some of our most divisive issues. If you are like me and want progress but not at the expense of being so politically correct that everyone and their mother is eventually offended, he’s the guy for you.

  2. See the movie Vice with Christian Bale. Not only is his performance uncanny and incredible but the movie is so well scripted, directed and acted that it is the top of my list for 2018. A serious movie that uses creativity and humor like well placed spices, it is not to be missed.

  3. Read “Why Buddhism is True” by Robert Wright. Is this about becoming a Buddhist? Absolutely not but it breaks down the evolutionary chain of events that have brought us to the minds we have today in the name of survival and how perhaps not all these constructs might serve us anymore. A scientific look that is not difficult to understand or read.

  4. See “Hearts Beat Loud” with Nic Offerman – a touching father/daughter story with some cool music and characters that make you wish you could grab a drink with some day.

  5. Watch the Good Place – a comedy series on NBC. Creative and well written, this is a unique take on life after death and always serves up laughter and some delicious surprises now and then. It will make you feel good.

  6. Buy good socks. Man, what took me so long? I received a couple different pair from different people for gifts – and if you hike or hate the cold, what a difference a sock can make.

  7. Try cloth napkins instead of paper. In addition to learning about the incredible waste and dangers of single use plastic (straws), cloth napkins remove the need for more wasteful paper napkins. But what about water and soap to clean them you might ask? True, but at least with me and my kids, we don’t wash them after each use.

  8. Make a photo book for a loved one or good friend. Often overlooked, collecting photos and then weaving them into a gift book on a site like Snapfish is a great idea. My sister and I did one for my parents from their anniversary party and they loved it.

  9. Write a letter- with a pen and paper – just one – to someone you haven’t been in touch with in a while. (Or if you really need to, send a letter in an email.) You’ll be surprised how much of a cathartic gift it is for you as much as for the person on the receiving end.

  10. Plant something, anything. I planted a garden that I would give a C+ to. It didn’t churn out all the spices and veggies I had hoped but it felt so damn good and I plan to do it again this summer. Pick one thing – even just one plant and do it. It’s nice to be among something living (besides people and pets) once in a while that doesn’t require a password.

That’s it! Hope you have a joyous 2019.

Until next time,


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