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Just Another Day


So we are approaching the New Year.

I have heard, on numerous occasions this week, “it’s just another day”, which, to be honest, it really is.

We can review all the historical reasons why a year is what it is, the calendar, etc. but I’d like to think that it really doesn’t matter. This is the construct by which we essentially measure the passage of time, at least in part, and reflect, plan and for some of us, regret the entrance to the following morning.

It’s occurred to me that some who don’t know me really well may read some of my posts and think that I think of myself as some sort of positivity junkie or “glass half full” personality, when in reality, that’s pretty far from my natural set point. After all, I am a stand-up comic. Those two things typically don’t go hand in hand.

That being said, I have found this little practice of gratitude to be pretty damn powerful over the past few years. When I get ready to head to my pity party – for whatever reason – and then take a breath to really let it sink in how incredibly lucky I am, it’s humbling.

You do you. I’ll do me. I have a spectrum of emotions every hour on the hour. I get depressed, anxious, sad and fearful more than most I suspect and at the same time, I also have this thread of wonder of how life just is a trip with no real set itinerary and how cool that could be sometimes.

So what’s the point of all of this? The point is to take a 10 second pause and realize that one day, there won’t be “another day”.

Maybe it’s aging. Maybe it’s too much down time to think. Maybe it’s a mind that won’t stop thinking but I think no day is “just” another day. Really, it’s ANOTHER DAY. It’s another day to choose as scary, intimidating and unrealistic as that may sound.

That’s pretty cool with me. So, yes, New Year’s is maybe another day, like the days that came before it – to choose – but it’s 24 hours that someone else might not be fortunate to have this time around and that’s pretty amazing.

So I hope you have as many great “another days” as possible.

Until next time,


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