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That’s what I want it to say on my tombstone.

Not sure how long I’m on the ride for but it would be something to have someone talk about me in passing and say “man, what he did was incredible, unimaginable, unbelievable, unthinkable” – you get the point.

I am fascinated by stories of people who just were out there. They’re the ones that on any normal day you know are the subject of endless conversation. The ones that people routinely ask “what’s he smokin’?”. I know some of these people and I am the last person to be able to tell you who are the ones that will make the cover of Entrepreneur, Sports Illustrated or Fast Company and which ones are the ones that should have taken a more practical route and been more “self-aware.”

I think I’m somewhere in the middle, personally. I’m not going to be the guy to start up the next Apple, commercialize the first flying car or land the next late-night TV hosting job. I could do something unexpected, though. We all can. We could find a way to make our short time here really count.


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